About Us

Our goal is to help promote the emotional, physical, and spiritual development of children and adults from diverse backgrounds by working with companies, churches, schools, organizations, and individuals which will make our communities better places to live.


Upcoming Events

Sunday, February 20th, 2011 - Michael McVicker will present a moving and heart felt talk at the Tri-County Extended Care in Fairfield, Ohio at 10:00 am.

Verse of the Day


Michael McVicker Ministries refers to events as "Celebrations."  Currently, there are a total of five "celebrations" or events we do. 


Back to School Drive

The Back to School drive focus is helping unfortunate children and young adults in the Tri-State area prepare for the upcoming school year with new school supplies.  The This drive usually starts mid-July and ends around the first week in August. 


Christmas Drive

The Christmas Drive is to help aid diverse children and young adults in the Tri-State area by presenting them with gifts in a gift bag during the Christmas season.  This drive usually starts before Thanksgiving and runs until mid-December.


Senior Celebrations

This celebration helps to inspire and uplift seniors in such settings as a skilled nursing facility.  Here, love and attention, through a brief inspiration message are given along with a nice gift for attending.


Adult Independence

Our care is for specialized adults with mental and physical challenges.  Currently we host two main events - during late summer/early fall as noted as the "Fall Formal" and during the Christmas season.


Military - Operation: Sandbox

Our hearts goes out to the men and women in harms way.  We now have a program we call "Operation: Sandbox."  Here we send items to service men and women overseas through two different divisions called: Operation Show Our Love and the Ohio 1st Military Police Brigade.