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Our goal is to help promote the emotional, physical, and spiritual development of children and adults from diverse backgrounds by working with companies, churches, schools, organizations, and individuals which will make our communities better places to live.


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Sunday, February 20th, 2011 - Michael McVicker will present a moving and heart felt talk at the Tri-County Extended Care in Fairfield, Ohio at 10:00 am.

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Back to School Tips

Listed below are some back to school tips and links to consider.  Enjoy!



Going back to school after a summer of fun can be a bit of challenge for school age children.  Here are some ideas to help make the transition a smooth one.

  1. "Back to School" shopping.  Develop a "Back to School" shopping list with your child.  Have them write out the list.  You may wish to include clothing items with the school supplies.  Once you have picked up the list from the child's school, invite your child to go with you to do "Back to School" shopping.  Have your child read from the list and then check off each item as it is added to your chart.
  2. Set back the clock. Usually summer schedules are more relaxed than school schedules.  Perhaps your child is allowed to stay up later and sleep later during the summer.  If so, start to adjust their schedule back to school times at least a week prior to the beginning of school.  Bedtime can be set a half an hour earlier every couple of days until the schedule is back to school bedtimes.  Wake-up time can also be adjusted.
  3. Decorate and embellish.  As a craft project, let your child decorate their school notebooks.  Have stickers, markers, colorful paper, crayons, and other craft items available.  Encourge your child to personalize their school supplies.  Not only will your child enjoy the process and create something they like to look at, they will also be able to easily spot their items.