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Our goal is to help promote the emotional, physical, and spiritual development of children and adults from diverse backgrounds by working with companies, churches, schools, organizations, and individuals which will make our communities better places to live.


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Sunday, February 20th, 2011 - Michael McVicker will present a moving and heart felt talk at the Tri-County Extended Care in Fairfield, Ohio at 10:00 am.

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About Us

Michael McVicker Ministries

Michael McVicker was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. At three months old the doctors gave Michael up to die - twice! Medical science had exhausted its knowledge but God had other plans.Today, Michael leads a healthy and normal life and loves to tell others about his miracle. Some of the doctors and friends of Michael call him, “Miracle Mike”.

Over the years, Michael has been involved in local church work. Involvement includes Senior Associate Pastor & Youth director for 2 1/2 years, Sunday School teacher for the 5th and 6th grade boys for 17 years, Lt. Commander of the Royal Rangers for 2 years, church clerk for 5 years and Master of Ceremonies for various events.

In 1996, Michael felt led to go into the radio ministry. From 1996-1998, he was on several radio stations in Ohio and Kentucky. There was much success in the radio ministry and honored to hear from people in the Tri-State area.

Michael attended college at Life Christian University in Mason, Ohio. He earned a Bachelors Degree in Christian Theology in June, 2001.

In 2005, the ministry expanded to help children year around by launching the first ever Back To School drive. It was a huge success the first year and continues to grow each year. By providing new and simple Back To School items for the children really helps boost their self-confidence and let’s them know someone cares for them.

Then in 2006, another ministry came along - remembering our seniors. We call this “Senior Celebrations”. Our very first giving was to the wonderful seniors at a skilled nursing facility in Fairfield, Ohio - Tri-County Extended Care. The seniors received nice gift-filled bags with basic body care products for them to use. They delighted in such nice gifts and expressed their appreciation that someone had remembered them. The tradition continues as we expand to other facilities as we help one of the greatest generations know that we really do appreciate and care of them!

In 2008, we partnered with two organizations who helps remember our troops. We have partnered with Operation Show Our Love who sends care packages to our troops in harms way. Chris St. John heads up this wonderful project.  Our second partnering is with  the Ohio Military Reserve stationed in Blue Ash, Ohio.  Lt. Steve Helton is our contact person and has already shared some wonderful stories of the men and women in harms way who has received wonderful items from this ministry.

In 2009, we moved forward in our outreach to extend the efforts to Indiana. Our first giving has been to the Brookville Elementary school in Brookville, Indiana to a small group of special need students.  Now our efforts for the back to school and Christmas drive is truly a Tri-State effort.

When starting this ministry in the early years, the goal was to help children, seniors, and the military. It has taken some time and has been a wonderful journey. Now a greater vision of the ministry is being fulfilled.

The future is bright and promising for Michael. “Celebrate The Child” along “Senior Celebrations” and helping the military and specialized adults are projects that the Lord placed in the heart of this young man.  Now others can join in like you, your church, company, or organization and let our community know we love and care for them. The greatest need Michael has seen is love. Certainly love is something the world needs today more than ever before!


Mission Statement 

Our goal is to promote the emotional, physical, and spiritual development of children and adults from diverse backgrounds by working with companies, churches, schools, organizations, and individuals which will make our communities better places to live.


"Celebrate the Child"

“Celebrate the Child” is a project from the Michael McVicker Ministries. This unique project sends a message of hope to children in Ohio and Kentucky through gift-filled bags.”Celebrate the Child” provides an opportunity for people of all ages to be involved in a simple, hands-on missions project that reaches out to underprivileged children while focusing on the true meaning of Christmas.

“Celebrate the Child” has a dual meaning. We celebrate with the child receiving the gift bag, but we also celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

An often asked question is “How did ‘Celebrate the Child’ get started?” During our family Christmas in 1998, our daughter held up a little gift bag filled with various little toys and with such a bright smile said “See daddy what I have?” With that, Mike thought “Why can’t other children who are less fortunate have this same feeling and experience?” This simple act had sparked the idea of helping less fortunate children.